The work of Noreen Kruzich

Author, First Nation/Metis Historical & Genealogical Researcher~
Documentaries,Museum Exhibits,Historical materials 
                            Fiction & Non-Fiction Writing Teacher

About Noreen

Noreen Kruzich is a freelance researcher, with a focus on First Nation/Metis Genealogy and Social History, and also researching for documentaries, museum exhibits and as well a writer/author and teacher & editor.  She is a former television and radio investigative reporter for CBS, ABC and NPR affiliates, has worked as a communications officer for the Red Cross, taught writing with the Institute of Children's Literature and activated and headed up the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators in Canada. 

She is a member of the Ontario Genealogical Society, Institute of Genealogical Studies and a freelance researcher through Library and Archives Canada/Ottawa.

Noreen has spent time learning the Algonquin language, enjoys First Nation celebrations, events, workshops and teachings across Ontario.

Her first book, The Ancestors Are Arranging Things was conceived and written on Algonkin traditional homeland. Proceeds from her book have supported the Algonkin culture.

Noreen currently lives just outside of Ottawa, Ontario on the Madawaska River.

Print Publishing Credits


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This is a partial list of Publishing Credits in print, beyond this list include broadcast material for television and radio.