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The Ancestors are Arranging Things

Researching First Nation and Metis lineages


Yes, I do exclusively first nation and metis genealogies.  I follow up with up with a minimum of forty hours of research, transcribing and organizing findings into a proof sheet.  I also provide a pedigree chart in Stage One followed by time in the documentation of findings.  This sometimes includes the attachment of documents into Drop Box.  However, the proof sheet always includes source citations, so in Stage One I may choose to not forward the original documents in DropBox due to time limitations.  Understand that each project varies considerably in the amount of research and application of it.  No two are alike.


Attached is a sample proof-sheet ,so that you will understand what is meant by that.  I look at various primary and secondary documents, including vital statistics, Hudson Bay Company records, Metis lists, Indian Affairs Treaty Annuity Pay lists, Metis Scrip Records, Petitions, Govt. Correspondence, Enfranchisement etc. along with contacting agencies or individuals depending on the answers necessary, such as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for residential school searches.


Reasons for research vary from wanting First Nation status, Metis Status, identifying the First Nation tribe of the family line or simply the fact that someone is curious of a particular surname in their line on whether it leads back to a treaty peoples or First Nation etc.


Clients have had me go on to Stage Two or Three depending on various reasons, such as a more in-depth look at a person and the tribe they came from, it varies on why further research is wanted.  And then in many cases people are satisfied with Stage One and that is it.  Stage Two is often more concentrated/in-depth on specific ancestors or in finding specific answers and includes loading documentation to Drop Box, besides providing a proof sheet, and pedigree chart. I would say about half my clients go on to Stage Two and only a small portion decide on Stage Three, usually to answer a question on a new discovery found in Stage Two work.


In further research, I provide copies of all the original documents noted in the proof sheet as well as a more detailed pedigree chart and additional details in the proof sheet.  I don't do just the genealogy, but go beyond to find articles etc. which provide history/culture of a person/family and provide it even in the first stage, if it is available. 


Thank you for contacting me. I’ve been doing this type of research for twelve years.

People hear of my work, through my book, through my website, through Library and Archives Canada or another organization or individual and I always like to know how you heard of my services.  The time frame would be three-four weeks before completion of Stage One.  I take interact e-transfer or a check by mail.  Provide what you can for information and it is preferable that you are looking into one ancestral line, such as your maternal grandmother's mother's line.  The further down the ancestral line for the concentration of research the better.  If you have birth and death dates, locations of those for individuals, please provide those.  I also ask that you provide your reason for research.  It will help me to focus in on your goal. 


Thank you!    Noreen Kruzich