Dreams can be powerful...

Posted by Noreen Kruzich on May 10, 2013 at 9:45 PM

Dreams can be very powerful as they sometimes can be messages from the Ancestors.  I don't have powerful dreams often but when I do, I know it as they look, act and feel strong and carry a strong message usually through symbolism... symbolism in the words that are spoken or the way things are portrayed--played out.  The dream as a whole is usually very vivid.

My grandfather came to me one night, and I told him I miss my father very much and he told me "the birds are carrying letters".

A moose came to me and he showed me around my new home and then he proceeded to show me that my partner would leave for another woman would be working beside him helping him do his work as a man dressed up to be a thunderbird.

I found myself one night on a battlefield.  It stank, and death and hot ashes filled the air.  I was a reporter among many reporters, finally the last to get an assignment...i was told to write on how to rid the body of morphine.    (one could relate that to allowing yourself to feel pain, not trying to cover it up or subdue it).

I'd love for anyone to share their powerful dreams.

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