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First Nation & Metis Status

 Posted by Noreen Kruzich on January 21, 2018 at 4:50 PM


Over the last couple of years, many individuals and families have come to me to gain proof and establish their FN or Metis status. These individuals always have quite a journey in finding their roots. I hope to gather some of their stories and pull them together for a book in hopes that it will give others the strength, courage and stamina it takes to walk down this path. I find that Indian Affairs is still archaic in their thoughts on acknowledging First Nations individuals. The way to status is still flawed. On the other hand, Metis status has gained the attention of the government and although it takes a good amount of proof and research, many people are not only finding their Metis roots but are being acknowledged. The years ahead, I see First Nation's taking on a much stronger voice in both Canada and the United States. And isn't it long overdue- I dont think they will easily be crushed or hushed for they are now gaining their strength back individual by individual. My next book will be entitled BLOOD, PAPER & SPOKEN WORD


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